L’eau. L’eau amère. C’est le sujet de l’exposition BITTERES WASSER pour laquelle j’ai créé « Eau dich ».

Je suis allée danser cette performance à Berlin avec une autre danseuse de la cie Puls’Art, Karinne Grenier, et 2000 sacs en plastiques bleus que nous avons disposés en grosse pile, comme une grande vague vive et brillante au milieu de la galerie. L’atmosphère à la fois poétique, esthétique et chaude du plastique venait questionner de façon douce-amère notre rapport à la nature. Au début la danse est douce, puis elle étouffe, lutte… pour ensuite chercher un accord, à travers des boucles de mouvements qui évoquent un désir de ré-équilibre, l’équilibre dans le balancement, à l’écoute de l’eau qui est en nous pour prendre soin de celle qui est autour.


Voici une vidéo avec des extraits de la performance. Nous avons eu le plaisir d’être accompagnées en live par Klangforschung Wasser.





INTERVIEW with Ron Shelton :

Congratulations Macha on the success of this project.  Do you feel your performance piece conveyed the urgency of our oceans to the audience?

Even before the dance performance, the installation of this big pile of bright blue plastic bags left no one indifferent. The installation vibrated intensely itself the clamor of intent. Then, performance focused spectators, captivated in poetic ambiguity. First, bodies dance with fluidity and soft flesh, then choking in the hot and sweet plastic, cushioning and yet toxic …

Breathing, choking, try breathing again … the viewer can feel organically our performance through a common breathless : that focuses on urgency.

Did they also have lectures with all the facts about the plight of our waters? 

The research and involvement of all the artists international group engaged in this issue is very rich and documented. There was of course lectures and other activities are planned throughout the exhibition, which lasts until September 25

Were you able to get a chance to view the other artists works in this performance?  How would you describe it?

The exhibition is designed to invite the viewer to feel the water, rather than analyzing it. The fact that they arrived by boat on the exhibition is a cleaver setting in abyss.

Then I could admire so bright, sweet, deeply sensitive Art work of Corinna Rosteck. Full of poetic reflections it changes the way you watch, the Corinna’s regard puts you softly into water, this is Art you can FEEL as an organic experience.

I discovered the Artistic work of Carol Paquet, which treats water with a set of black and white prints, at once fluid and strongly graphic. Some paints, as wave suspended in time, shows water is alive and watching us. I felt Carol Paquet wanted to link the awareness of water with ours.

Unfortunately I had not enough time to see in depth the others Art works (installation of plastic bags took us much longer than expected) but I was impressed by the video installations of Philpp Geist and the Anna Stahl Art which leads us to essentials and superimpose, in the eye or on the canvas, minimalist textures creating living landscapes.

Do you think this project shed the significant light on this issue and do you believe this is just the beginning of this important dialogue?

This project has definitely triggered a determination to pursue and intensify the adventure. As a ricochet, the event will take many rebounds, to proceed with the awareness raising through artistic and human encounters.

One of my concerns as stressed earlier was what are the plans for the 2000 blues bags used in this performance?  Will this piece begin an international tour?

The bags remained in the gallery because it is possible (I hope so!) we return to Berlin for exhibition closure in September. Anyway, the simplicity of the message in this performance makes us want to replay it in other places, to show it to other cultures too, and perhaps to use it as educational and fun with children ….Hopefully these bags will travel a lot !